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Arlington Police Department Programs

Viridian MMD is served by the Arlington Police Department. If you witness a crime or other unsafe activity, please report it to the non-emergency number at 817-274-4444 or file a report online.


Arlington Police Department also offers a number of community programs.

Community Watch Groups – Community Watch Groups were developed to encourage citizen involvement and deter crime by early detection. Citizens volunteer to become extra eyes for the police department, reporting crime and suspicious behavior.

Dog Walker Watch – The Dog Walker Watch awareness program is designed for neighbors who are familiar with their community and out in the neighborhood on a regular basis, with or without a dog.

Neighborhood Eyes – The Arlington Police Department’s voluntary “Neighborhood Eyes” program allows residents and citizens to register their address as a location operating a security camera system.

Citizens Police Academy – The Citizens Police Academy is a great opportunity to learn more about your police department. It is offered as a public service to the community at no cost to participants. The program is designed to help alleviate misunderstandings about policing, while teaching participants how to better protect their property and enhance overall safety.

To learn more or to apply for any of these programs, please visit the Arlington Police Department website.