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Do not feed the geese!

Canada Geese are beautiful birds. Unfortunately, they can also create problems when their populations grow too rapidly. This year’s drought has exacerbated the problem, drawing more geese into our area in search of water sources. Viridian’s relative urban setting provides safety from natural predators, increasing their numbers even more. As their population grows, the geese can become sedentary and drop their migratory behavior

Typically, the geese would be in Texas between October and March, before heading north to their breeding grounds. Feeding the geese encourages them to stay and build nests in our community. While they are generally friendly birds, Canada Geese can become aggressive during their nesting period. Viridian’s lakes and ponds are appealing habitats for Canada Geese, but goose feces provides nutrients for algae blooms and this is detrimental to the overall pond ecosystem.

Please help us encourage our winged guests to move on their way. Do not feed the geese.

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