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Viridian Municipal Management District

Viridian MMD (“District”) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas and is subject to continuing supervision by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”). The District was created during the 80th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature under Chapter 3861, Special District Local Laws Code (“District Act”) for the benefit of the public and for public purposes, including the acquisition, construction, improvement, financing, operation, and maintenance of public water, sanitary sewer, drainage, road, landscaping, park, recreational facilities, cultural center, and other enhancements and features.

How it Works

Viridian MMD is governed by a Board of five Directors. Until 90% of the land in the District is developed, two of the directors are elected by the voters within the District and three are appointed by the mayor and the City Council of the City of Arlington. Once 90% of the District is developed, all Directors will be elected by the voters within the District. The Directors serve staggered four-year terms. To be qualified to serve as a Director an individual must own property in the District. The Board of Directors are responsible for managing the affairs of the District including acquiring, constructing, and financing the public infrastructure that serves the District. The District conveys the water and sanitary sewer facilities to the City of Arlington for operation and maintenance. The District maintains the drainage and flood control improvements, public roads, street signs, parks, lakes, the beach, and the Sailing Center. The District engages consultants such as attorneys, engineers, bookkeepers and others to advise and assist the Board in conducting District business.

Each year the District levies a tax to fund debt service on bonds issued to provide the water, sewer, drainage and roads serving the District, as well as to fund its operations and maintenance of certain portions of those public improvements. In addition, the Board levies special assessments which are updated annually to fund the acquisition and construction of the parks, open spaces, beach, Sailing Center, fire station, and other supplemental services.

The District entered into an agreement with the City of Arlington pursuant to which the City provides provide water, sewer, garbage, recycling, police, fire, and other emergency services.  Completed District water and sewer improvements will be conveyed to the City for ownership and operation.

To learn more about the Board and Elections, please visit the Elections Page.

Meeting Schedule

District Board meetings are open to the public, in accordance with Texas law.  Meetings are held at noon on the second Tuesday of each month. Notice of meetings will be posted within the District and on the website 72 hours prior to each meeting. The Board welcomes and encourages public participation and/or attendance.

District meetings are held within the District at the Viridian Lake Club, 1200 Viridian Park Lane, Building C, Arlington, TX.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Pursuant to section 182.052 of the Texas Utilities Code, customer information is confidential and is not shared, except as provided by section 182.054. If you wish to grant or rescind the use of your personal information to another individual or entity on your behalf, please visit the Confidentiality of Personal Information page.